Your Winston-Salem Photographer

I am a Winston-Salem photographer. Although I primarily serve the Triad area, I am willing to travel anywhere to capture that perfect moment.

My husband, Donald, and I in Winston-Salem, NC. We have two beautiful children. Striving to be present over perfect, our household is filled with lots of laughter, forgiveness, and messy moments. This delightful combination allows us to work as a team on This Dandi Homestead, our debt free home we are building in the backyard of Hanging Rock.

My education in photography is primarily self taught. I began capturing the world around me at the young age of fifteen. I practice both film and digital photography. I’ve taken a number of courses in film and digital photography, darkroom development, graphic design, and printing. This wide range of expertise in digital art and print production allows me to serve you in a variety of ways.

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